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St Cecilia’s Hall is proud to be part of The University of Edinburgh. We are part of the Library and University Collections division of Information Services.

The building displays a small portion of Musical Instrument Museums Edinburgh’s 6,000+ collection of historic musical instruments. The emphasis of the Collection is on instruments that are no longer in regular current use and the collecting policy is to acquire instruments when they fall out of use rather than to collect instruments by contemporary makers. The Collection thus covers the period from the 16th century (the earliest period from which examples are available for acquisition) to the 20th century (the most recent date from which instruments can be regarded as historical).

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Collection is to promote the study of the history, construction and functions of instruments of music and all cognate matters, the furtherance of research and the propagation of knowledge of instrumental history. The Collection will maintain a substantial permanent collection in relation to these objectives.

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