Hass 1763 Clavichord

If you would like to learn about all the interesting things that come together in this beautiful instrument, this is the perfect place. Let us start with a map that illustrates how this instrument, built in Hamburg in 1763 by a family of instrument makers, is a product that spans most of the world.

This clavichord, which was made in the city of Hamburg in 1763, tells many stories. The stories behind this instrument can teach us about many different topics. If you would like to know more about this clavichord, such as where it was made and how this instrument (made hundreds of years ago) can teach us about our world today, look through this section of the St. Cecilia’s website.

Many topics and questions will be addressed. For instance, what was life like back in 1763? Which various endangered animals and plant species were used to make this instrument? How are these animals protected today? You will find a quick index of all the topics that are addressed listed below.

The world of the Clavichord

Life in the 18th Century

The Story of the Clavichord

Music from Misery? Materials behind the Hass Clavichord

A Global Clavichord

St Cecilia's Hall